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By Bridge

Automatic Bridge Control equipment available for hot and cold rentals, both in Italy and abroad

The fastest and safest system for checking and maintaining bridges and viaducts

Our company is available with the hot and cold rental of its equipment, in Italy and abroad.

The characteristics of the A.B.C.

The A.B.C. – Automatic Bridge Control – has been designed to solve the specific problem of routine maintenance and inspection of viaducts:

  • high degree of stability to allow great safety;
  • supply of auxiliary motors;
  • hydraulic energy supply;
  • level stabilization equipment;
  • launching and re-entry apparatus equipped with hydraulic logic, which allows maneuvers in subsequent sequence and in short times;
  • pressure on the road surface in standard, with modest dimensions of the roadway so as to allow inspections or works by occupying only one road and therefore in the presence of traffic;
  • hydraulic circuits controlled directly from the platform.

Use of the A.B.C.

After completing the automatic launching operations, the staff easily descends onto the platform and, by inserting the consent key on the control panel existing on the platform, unlocks the hydraulic controls, so that all subsequent operations can be controlled directly by the operator on the platform.

The possible maneuvers are as follows:

  • ascent and descent of the sliding tower;
  • rotation;
  • extension of the platform;
  • vehicle advance (this last maneuver only with the consent of the driver).

For the use of these equipment, the staff must be PLE trained.

The advantages of working with the A.B.C.

  • need to have intervention teams with no more than 4/5 people;
  • preference to have safe work surfaces, but above all mobile ones, in order to allow the workforce to have the best working conditions;
  • possibility of having equipment, generators and compressors in a position outside the scaffolding.

The A.B.C. it is the mobile equipment that is best suited to meet these needs for the following reasons:

  • regardless of the height of the viaducts, it allows to intervene up to a maximum height of 10 meters from the viable surface of the bridge;
  • it is a light and fast vehicle, with a small footprint on the roadway;
  • it can be used not only on the highway, but also on provincial and municipal roads;
  • they are equipped with an adequate lighting system to allow use even during the night
  • rational inspection of the soffits of slabs and beams through the use of “Explorer”

The A.B.C. thus conceived, it efficiently passes the rigorous load tests performed by the I.S.P.E.S.L., in compliance with the strict regulations in force in Europe and in the rest of the world.